Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning Technician with Sarasota homeowners.

Our Mission Statement

We seek excellence in everything we do.

Excellence is not a goal; it is a mindset that is woven into the fabric of our company.

Striving for excellence will not only make our company the best in the industry, it will make our employees better individuals and better members of the community.

Achieving Excellence requires us to focus on the following:

  • Communication – Open and honest communication with customers, employees and vendors.
  • Respect – Treating everyone with the respect we expect to be treated with.
  • Education – Continuous education of our employees and customers.
  • Delivering Value – Offering the best products and services to our customers and creating the best work environment for our employees.
  • Involvement – Getting involved in our community with our time and treasure.
  • Teamwork – The Team, working together, is stronger than any individual or department.
Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating's Sarasota headquarters and fleet.

About The Company

Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. (SMAC) has been serving Sarasota, Bradenton, and the surrounding area since 2003.

Sean McCutcheon's team members at Morton's Firehouse Chili Cook Off.Beyond installing new systems and offering AC repairs, we provide truth and comfort when homeowners and businesses need it most in Sarasota and Manatee counties including Lakewood Ranch, Palmer Ranch, Siesta Key, Lido Key, Nokomis, and Venice.

Unlike most HVAC companies, SMAC is not tied to one manufacturer or brand name. Instead, We offer the newest AC and heating technologies that offer the best solution to keep you comfortable while saving you money. As our founder says, “If I wouldn’t recommend it to my mom, I won't recommend it to you.”

While setting the bar for other companies to follow, our company:

  • Provides full service air conditioning & and heating, emergency service, and custom maintenance programs.
  • Works hard to protect our environment by using earth friendly, environmentally safe products. If we have to replace a system, we make sure the old system is recycled or properly disposed of.
  • Offer free estimates on new installations to help you gather the information you need.
  • Puts in the time and effort to complete the job to only the highest standards we have set for ourselves.
  • After the installation, you can rely on us to always be available for maintenance, repair, or even to upgrade your system.

Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is proud to be NATE (North American Technician Excellence Inc) certified. We are also members of MACCA (Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association) and, a third party company that helps consumers distinguish reputable companies from companies that pretend to be reputable.

Giving Back To The Community

Sean McCutcheon's team presenting donation to Goodwill Manasota at Young Guns of Country show.

Sarasota is more than just great weather and miles of white, sandy beaches.

Our year round sunshine bathes top rated schools and hospitals, unparalleled arts and culture, world class golf courses, fishing, boating and more.

Sean takes advantage of every possible opportunity to give back to the community and he continually strives to make Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. a positive presence in Sarasota and throughout Southwest Florida.

In addition to Sean's personal commitment to giving back to the community, Sean encourages and supports his co-workers when they volunteer and support local charities.

Here are some of the charitable and community organizations that Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is proud to support:

Mote Marine Laboratory

Sean and the team at Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. have logged many hours at Mote Marine Laboratory's Dolphin and Whale Hospital and their Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital. Sean has completed the required training course and worked numerous shifts in the Dolphin and Whale hospital in order to be officially recognized as a Mote Volunteer.

Sean McCutcheon is deeply committed to the preservation of our oceans and marine life, as well as the protection of our world renowned beaches. Sean understands that the type of research being conducted at Mote Marine Laboratory is crucial to species management and conservation. That is why Sean is a proud supporter of Mote Marine Laboratory and their Stranding Investigations Program.

For more information about Mote Marine Laboratory or to learn how you can become a volunteer visit

Honore Animal Rescue

Sean's love of animals extends beyond the rich marine life of Southwest Florida. Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. supports a number of animal rescue organizations that promote the humane treatment of all animals.

Sean believes all rescue animals deserve a loving home and he has rescued several dogs over the years. Most recently, Sean adopted a dog from the Honore Animal rescue which he also supports with generous donations.

For more information about Honore Animal Rescue or to learn how you can become a volunteer visit

Band playing at Morton's Firehouse Chili Cook Off.

Sarasota Fire Fighter's Benevolent Fund

Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is a steadfast supporter of our local firemen, police, and other first responders.

The Sarasota Fire Fighter's Benevolent Fund (SFFB) has been helping Sarasota County Firefighters and their families in our local community. With the help of other Fire Department organizations, the SFFBF also provides continuing education opportunities to our local Firefighters in times of need since 1996. They also extend their helping hand to other Firefighters throughout Florida and to members of our local community. With the help of other Fire Department organizations, the SFFBF also provides continuing education opportunities to our local Firefighters.

For more information about the Sarasota Fire Fighter's Benevolent Fund or to learn how you can support Sarasota's bravest visit

Sarasota Little League

Sean strongly believes that sports, whether individual or team based, provide our children numerous benefits that extend far beyond the obvious physical activity. Participating in sports can help build self-esteem and self-confidence, it can motivate children to excel academically, and it can help build social skills to name but a few.

Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. supports local schools, and youth athletic organizations like the Sarasota Little League.

For more information about the Sarasota Little League or to learn how you can become a supporter visit

Sarasota Sun Devils

Sean McCutcheon's proudly supporting our youth athletics banner.

Sean's commitment to youth athletics goes beyond just baseball. Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is also proud to support the Sarasota Sun Devils and their commitment to good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.

For more information about the Sarasota Sun Devils or to find out how you can become a sponsor visit


Both Sean McCutcheon and David Gill are proud to be Leadership Sarasota Alumni!

The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Sarasota program is designed to nurture and enhance the leadership skills of its participants by providing an atmosphere that stimulates and fosters diverse viewpoints, resulting in innovative answers to the critical questions facing our community and its citizens.

This county-wide program, which started in 1984, includes community immersion, leadership training, and educating participants in "how things work" in our community and our county.

Sean McCutcheon

Sean McCutcheon is the president of Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

A resident of Sarasota for over 31 years, he is active in several organizations, gives back to the community by supporting essential causes and helps Sarasota continue to be a paradise for those who live and visit here.

When it comes to air conditioning, Sean has a reputation for being able to resolve problem installations for customers where other area contractors have failed.

Sean McCutcheon, President and Owner, Sean McCutcheon's Air  Conditioning and Heating, Inc.Sean's Background

Sean was the first child of a young military family, originally from Kentucky.

After moving many times and living in numerous states, he moved to Sarasota in 1985 with his mother and sister. Sean enjoyed going to Brookside Middle school and graduated from Riverview High School in 1992, where he excelled in sports and made friendships that still remain today.

Also during 1992, Sean began working as a helper apprentice for a local air conditioning company.

Sean worked hard to support his young family and quickly moved up the ranks at work. He was proud to purchase his first home in Sarasota in 1998 and was offered a partnership in the company where he worked soon after.

In 2003, Sean sold his stake in the air conditioning company and achieved his State Certified contractor license. He then formed Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. and opened for business.

Early in 2004, Sean successfully signed David Gill as vice president for his growing business.. Together, they formed a foundation for a solid, highly trained, and well run repair and retrofit company.

In 2007, the company grew to 8 full-time employees and enjoyed an excellent reputation for the highest quality repairs and installations. The company developed relationships with factory tech support & quality control and began assuming the role of the local problem resolution company for the big names in HVAC equipment.

In 2008, he began phase 2 of his business plan to continue to gain brand exposure and market share while maintaining an exemplary record of exceeding expectations.

Due to a growing customer base throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties, in mid-2009 Sean moved his operations to a new, larger building on Clark road in order to better service his customers.

Today, Sean continues his quest to resolve problem installations for customers who are upset or abandoned by other area contractors.

David Gill

David Gill, Vice President, Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

From an early age, David Gill always thought there was a better way to do things.

Today, both professionals and customers agree that he has raised the bar for all technicians in the HVAC field.

Born and raised in New Jersey, David pursued an education in the HVAC field at the Associated Technical Institute of Boston. In his studies, David successfully completed an extensive three year course on engineering, technical training, and theory.

In 1991, his skill and training led him to Southwest Florida. David continued to hone his skills as a technician and build a fantastic customer rapport, and, in 2003, he obtained his contractor’s license.

A short time later, David met Sean McCutcheon, whom David found to be an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur. Sean quickly realized David's talent and potential, and the pair decided to form a partnership. David joined Sean as vice president of Sean McCutcheons Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

As the head of our commercial division, David's New England craftsmanship combined with 17 years of service play a vital role in the company's continued growth.